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2021.02.08 Tokyo Metropolitan Intellectual Property CenterCase StudyWas published in


2020.11.12 On the EC site Taobao for China, 500 million followers of Chinese influencer Rinpin told mePlay botanWas sold live.
2020.07.14 New item"Portable fan"But"FineNews Today ","Finance newspaperWas introduced in 40 media.
2020.07.14 Of our productionCrowdfunding by Tokyo Asakusa Union On July 7th, "One side of the Tokyo Shimbun evening edition"Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO web versionIt was published in.
2020.04.16 The Minamisoma City supporter business in which we participate is a social & eco magazine "SotokotoIt was published in.
2020.03.19 Shizuoka Agricultural and Mountain Village SupportersSupport message (group/company) Support declarationOur support message was posted in.


2019.05.08 On TV Asahi's "Please Ranking", "Special gift stationery featured with a happy Bunborg 009 gift"Invisible Pen! Hidden Love DX2Was introduced.
2019.04.03 On the Fuji TV "Mezamashi TV", at the new era business corner in the Coco styleFelt pass case sakuraWas introduced.
2019.03.01 Published by Saitama Industrial Promotion CorporationIoT utilization measures learned from case studiesOur company's IoT utilization case was introduced.
2019.01.01 Of the Saitama Industrial Promotion CorporationAccess Saitama January XNUMX IssueOur company president took the stage at the "New Year Roundtable Discussion by Companies Introducing IoT" section.


2018.12.01 Of the Saitama Industrial Promotion CorporationThe manufacturing industry of SMEs will change with IoT. XNUMX successful cases of Saitama IoT utilizationOur company's approach to IoT was introduced in the promotion video.
2018.09.17 As a business, we are doing a souvenir collaboration with Chikugo City, Fukuoka Prefecture. One of the initiatives, "Please give us your opinion, Koikatsu,"Ariake ShinposhaIt was introduced in "Ariake Shimpo" published by Mr.
2018.07.10 At the exhibition held in November last year,TDK CorporationUsed in the exhibitionア ニ メ ー シ ョ ンInside, the novelty made by our companyStress releaserIs displayed as an animation.
2018.05.10 TDK CorporationTo the "TDK flash storage general catalog" issued byStress releaserIs posted.


2017.12.22 TV Tokyo "Morning satelliteIn the special feature section of CairoRewarm Cairo Was introduced.
2017.06.13 TBS "Pittanko KankanWith our "Invisible pen! Secret love long DX2 Was introduced by guest Aina Ashida.
2017.03.10 Information magazine for womenFELISSIMO parent-child handmade catalogWith our "Play botanWas introduced.
2017.01.20 Information magazine for nursesFLAP January issue"It's fun to see! Unique amulet" corner,Daruma who has eyesWas introduced.



Monthly SelectIn the "29 Rooster/Zodiac Premium Suitable Products" section (issued by Select Inc.)Mizuto bellZodiac bellWas introduced.


"Work Style Book" published by Neko Publishing is added to the modern office examplesCloud CTI "Omotenashi Telephone"Our initiative was introduced.


Tokyo Metropolitan Government Small & Medium Enterprise Promotion Corporation Tokyo Metropolitan Intellectual Property Center's "Intellectual Property Use Cases" published in July 2016"Many new connections have been created in a company that creates connections"Our efforts have been posted.


"Keyman's Net" is a comprehensive information site for IT-related products and companies.Wasted phone calls reduced by 10 hours a month? Very popular with trial introduction! [Actual record! System introduction trajectory]Our initiative was introduced.


TBS TV news program "N-Star" at our product "LED message fanWas introduced.



In the "Special Articles" section of the Monthly Business Practice January 2016 issue (No. 1)Efforts of small and medium-sized enterprises to nurture employees who “act on their own” (Case of Daio Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)Our efforts have been posted.


High School Exam Guidebook"SUCCESS 15"In the corner of the winning itemsDaruma who has eyesWas published.


At the Asahi Shimbun Digital "My stationery" cornerStrictly confidential ballpoint pen recognized by cabaret clubOur invisible pen! Hidden love DXXNUMX" was posted.


"Monthly point of company" corner of monthly BigLife21, November 2015 issue "From goods to things, what are the goods that hold the hearts of people? "Made in Japan" power opens up the futureOur efforts have been posted.


At the corner of the Monthly Select "Zodiac Lucky Specials" section,Zodiac MamoruWas introduced.


Created by playing at the "New Product" corner of Nikkei MJPhoto frame kitWas introduced.


In our monthly magazine Fashion Goods (April 2015), our popular ``resin accessories and handmade parts''Meal plate/frameWas published.


In the monthly magazine Fashion Goods (January 2015 issue), we have created a new souvenir system that supports regional development.Ale canWas published.


2014.11.04 Fukui NewsZodiac beads mascot (Zodiac Mamoru)Was introduced.
2014.11.03 Handicraft kit that does not use needles at the "new product" corner of Nikkei MJPlay botanWas introduced.
2014.10.06 As part of the monthly magazine “Fashion miscellaneous goods” Tokyo Gift Show 2014 autumn pick-up introduction, as a project for regional revitalization,Nagatoro Ale canWas published.
2014.03.01 Monthly public relations magazine of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Small and Medium Business Promotion CorporationMarch 21 issue of "Argus 2014" (No. 3)In the "Series 90th Kirari: From the scene of the company" corner, our efforts are titled "From "manufacturing" to "making"-Aiming to be a company that creates connections between people" It was published.
2014.01.24 Nikkei MJ's "New Product" cornerBean MamomoriWas introduced.


At the "Imadoki" corner of "Mezamashi TV" on Fuji TV, our "Daruma who has eyesWas introduced. (Introduction page


2013.12.25 In the "NEWS" corner of Sankei Kansai, our ""Bean MamomoriWas introduced (Introduction page).
2013.12.23 At the Nikkei MJ's "New Products" corner, we pray for "passing until we get a hit"Daruma who has eyesWas introduced.
2013.12.04 In the "NEWS" corner of Sankei Kansai, our company's ""Daruma who has eyesWas introduced (Introduction page).
2013.11.30 Daruma will come out in the examination station magazine, "Squeeze and relax". Our company "Daruma who has eyesWas introduced (Introduction page).
2013.11.01 Daio Seisakusho's new souvenir style "Ale Can" was decided to be eligible for the subsidy of the "New product new technology development support project" of Taito City in 25, and it was published by the Industrial Promotion Division of the Ministry of Culture, Industry and Tourism of Taito City. Article was published in the November 2013 issue (Vol.11).
2013.06.10 FBS Fukuoka The TV program "Mentai Wide" broadcast on June XNUMX"Cool Mist"But"Fukuoka gift show recommended broadcastWas introduced as a heat-resistant product that is convenient to carry. It was a great response at the gift show venue.
2013.05.19 Our original stationery on the TV program "Chili! Chile! Banana" broadcasted on TV Asahi May XNUMXthSecret love long DX2Was introduced to the Egyptians as an advanced stationery of Japan at the Egypt location. It was a big reaction at the location and the show in Egypt.
2013.03.31 Our company was introduced in the XNUMXth term of the XNUMX case study of Tokyo design introduction practice seminar published by the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Center in March XNUMX.


2012.07.25 A mysterious pen that cannot be seen even when written by our company on Nippon TV "Hirnandes!"Secret Love DXWas introduced.
2012.03.31 A collection of case studies that participated in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government BCP formulation support project in 23 and introduced examples of its efforts"Tokyo Metropolitan Government BCP Formulation Support Project Initiative Cases"Was published and published. Related to TokyoRefer to home page.

Collaborated with Tokyo Metropolitan University in 23 Industry-University Collaborative Design Development Project "Collection of achievement examples"Was published and published. Related Tokyo Metropolitan Small Business Koshin Public CorporationSee home pageTo do.

2012.03.01 Cybozu, Inc. Office9/Dejie/MailwiseCase StudyDaio Seisakusho was introduced.
Related Cybozu Inc.See homepage (Office9)To do.
Related Cybozu Inc.See homepage (Dejie)To do.
Related Cybozu Inc.See homepage (mailwise)To do.


2011.04.09 TV Tokyo affiliate"Haunting! Ad street paradise"Our company was introduced in. Saturday, April 4 Broadcasting tomorrow's hometown of Joe"Yamatani/Toubashi"We ranked in the special feature of, and our products and employees appeared.
2011.03.31 From Tokyo! In a collection of energetic and bright company examplesAiming for an independent organization where each employee has high judgment ability [Daio Seisakusho Co., Ltd.]Our company was introduced. Related to the Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Industry and LaborSee home pageTo do.


2010.09.29 At the "TREND BOX" corner of Nikkei MJ,"Earhook"Was introduced.
2010.08.10 In the case of supporting the creation of a human resource development plan of the Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion Corporation,Our caseWas published.
2010.03.05 New product of our company at "Joshin MEGA MIX!" corner of "Nanmega!" of FM OSAKA. Eco clock that does not require batteriesWater clockWas introduced.
2010.03.01 Our new product at the "MONO-LOG" corner of "TOKYO MORNING RADIO" of J-WAVE. Eco clock that does not require batteriesWater clockWas introduced.
2010.02.12 Our new product at the "OH! HAPPY STYLE" section of "OH! HAPPY MORNING" on JFN radio. Eco clock that does not require batteriesWater clockWas introduced.
2010.02.04 Our new product at "News Morning Satellite" in TV TOKYO. Eco clock that does not require batteriesWater clockWas introduced.
2010.02.04 New product of our company at the corner of "Manokore Recommended!" of CBC radio "Kokoichi Thursday"! Eco clock that does not require batteriesWater clockWas introduced.
2010.01.29 Our new product on “Omoikiri DON!” (Part XNUMX) on Nippon Television. Eco clock that does not require batteriesWater clockWas introduced.
2010.01.28 Our new product at the "Trend Egg" corner of "World Business Satellite" on TV TOKYO. Eco clock that does not require batteriesWater clockWas introduced.
2010.01.28 Asahi Shimbun Evening Marion's "Egg of Boom" corner Our new product Water is self-generated! Eco clock that does not require batteriesWater clockWas introduced.
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2010.01.25 Our new product at the "Today's Ippin" corner of "Mezanyu" on Fuji TV. Eco clock that does not require batteriesWater clockWas introduced.
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2010.01.21 Our new product entitled "Cold winter eco-goods" in the weather section of TV Asahi "Yajuma Plus"Eco Cairo MAXWas introduced.
2010.01.21 Our new product in the "Excite Bit" section of the "excite news" website. Eco clock that does not require batteriesWater clockWas introduced.
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2010.01.10 Our new product at the "Top News" corner of the online version of "Walker Plus", Tokyo Walker. Eco clock that does not require batteriesWater clockWas introduced.
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2009.09.30 Our new product "Asamaru Info" in Nippon TV "Oha4! News Live"Memory capsuleWas introduced.
Watch the broadcast video
2009.08.01 Select "Monthly Select" August issue of our new metal seal productMetasca sealWas published.
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2009.03.23 Nikkei MJ (Ryutsu Shimbun) March 2009, 3 “TREND BOX” column with our new productFluffy bakeryWas published.
2009.03.01 Gakken (Gakken) monthly magazine "GET NAVI" March issue of our new product "Secret Love DXWas introduced.
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2009.02.13 Our new product "Asamaru Info" in Nippon TV "Oha4! News Live"Secret Love DXWas introduced.
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2008.10.01 Sightseeing PB's "Tourism Plus B!"Zodiac Netsuke stringWas introduced.
2008.08.01 Our new product "Select Monthly Select" August issuePolylactic acid netsuke stringWas published.
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2007.12.01 Asahi Shimbun's "Homme Maid Asahi", which is full of information about Kyoto's culture and lifestyle, is our product entitled "Mysterious Cairo that is convenient for a short time and can be used many times."Eco warmerWas introduced.
2007.10.14 Nikkei Ryutsu Shimbun October 2007, 10 "TREND BOX" column of our new productNEON fanWas published.
2007.10.12 As a recommended merchandise for Noritake Kinashi in the TV program “Miraisoudou” on NTVNEON fanWas introduced.
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2007.06.15 At the Fukuoka Gift ShowNEON fanWon the second prize in the new product contest.
Watch promotional video
2007.01.22 At the corner of NHK General's "Good Morning Japan Machikado Information Room", our new product titled "Warm with a non-disposable Cairo"Eco warmerWas introduced.
To the related article homepage of NHK Machikado Information Room


2006.12.19 In the "Ohayon News" corner of Nippon TV, our new product "Eco warmerWas introduced
2006.12.19 FM Fukuoka "Radio Control Yuko No matter what best 5" corner Our new product "Eco warmerWas introduced.
Listen to the broadcast contents
2006.07.01 Business Guide Co., Ltd. "Monthly Gift" July issue P.7, the content of our company's interview was posted on "About the problem of lead contained in metal miscellaneous goods".
2006.07.01 Business Guide, Inc. “Monthly Gift” July issue P.7, entitled “Free Plant Strap”, our new product “Plant strapWas published.
2006.03.10 Select "Monthly Select" March issue p.3 entitled "Repel the Static Electricity!Static electricity removal keychainWas published.
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2005.12.01 Business Guide, Inc. “Monthly Gift” December issue P.12Fu~ (static key chain)Our new product "Static electricity removal key chain" was published.
2005.11.20 Stationer Co., Ltd. “BUN2” Winter Vol.5 P.9 titled “Invisible pen that can be written while watching”Secret Love DXWas introduced.
2005.11.01 Business Guide, Inc. "Monthly Gifts" November issue P.11 "Our secret love has evolved" Our new product "Secret Love DXWas introduced.
2005.09.01 In the Information BOX corner of the September issue of "Monthly Event Report" of Intercross Research Institute Co., Ltd., titled "Pen and light are integrated"Secret Love DXWas introduced.
2005.03.24 At "Stationery Championship" of "TV Champion" broadcasted on TV Tokyo on March 2005, 3Secret loveWas introduced and got a high score.
2005.02.27 Asahi Shimbun "Asahi Junior High School Weekly" As of February 2005, 2, our new product entitled "Glowing Secret Pen"Hide and SeekWas introduced.
2005.01.10 Select "Monthly Select" January issue p.1 titled "I'm happy if Cairo is fashionable"Eco warmerWas published.


2004.12.12 Nikkei newspaper "Nikkei MJ" December 2004th, 12, entitled "Many times heart warm"Eco warmerWas published.
2004.11.01 In the information box corner of the November issue of "Monthly Event Report" of Intercross Laboratories, Inc. entitled "Reusable Cairo"Eco warmerWas published.
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2004.09.01 Bunkensha "Monthly Office Supplies" September issue titled "Buzzer sounds when pulling a stuffed animal"Hidden crime prevention buzzerWas introduced.
2004.03.10 Select "Monthly Select" March issue p.3 entitled "Stamp pad invisible even when pressed"Hide and seek stamp padWas published.


2003.12.19 Mainichi Shimbun Chubu edition (Mie, Aichi, Gifu) In the morning edition color on December 12, "Hide and Seek] Appeared in a sweepstakes. Thank you for many applications.
2003.08.10 Select "Monthly Select" August issue p.8 entitled "I can't see what you write?"Hide and SeekWas published.
2003.08.07 Shogakkan "DIME" August 8 issue P.7 "Competition in Geisha Stationery magazine" our new product "Hide and SeekWas introduced.
2003.08.02 Nippon Broadcasting on August 8nd, "Please DJ! Katsuya Kobayashi's Happy Weekend" "Trend Pickup" corner, our new product "Hide and SeekWas introduced.
2003.07.28 FM Hokkaido July 7, "Morning communication" corner of "Morning pax" Our new product "Hide and SeekWas introduced.
Listen to the broadcast contents
2003.07.18 FM Nagoya (ZIP-FM) "New Meitetsu Around the Zipangu" live on July 7 by phone during live broadcastingHide and Seek』I was interviewed. (Program appearance)
Listen to the broadcast contents
2003.07.16 @Nifty "Trend channel" July 7th "Special feature on writing instruments" Our new product "Hide and SeekWas introduced.
2003.07.03 TV TOKYO's new product "World Business Satellite (WBS)" on July 7Hide and SeekWas introduced.
Watch the broadcast contents
2003.06.19 MBC South Japan Broadcasting June 6, "Tanpopo Club" "E-BOX" corner, our new product "Hide and SeekWas introduced.
Listen to the broadcast contents
003.06.17 Weekly ASCII June 2003, 6 issue (released June 17, 6) "New weekly information page"Hide and SeekWas published.
003.06.10 Nikkei Ryutsu Shimbun June 2003, 6 "TREND BOX" column, our new product "Hide and SeekWas published.
2003.05.25 Asahi Shimbun May 2003, 5 Morning edition "Boom eggs" column, our new product "Hide and SeekWas published.
2003.04.01 Business Guide, Inc. “Monthly Gift” April issue P.4, titled “Rockets carrying fragrance”, our new product “Perfume rocketWas published.


2002.08.01 Business Guide Co., Ltd. "Monthly Gift" August issue P.8, "By combining abundant parts and processing know-how to meet customer needs, we will embody the customer's image and make it original!" The contents of the interview were posted.
2002.06.01 Business Guide, Inc. "Monthly Gifts" June issue P.6 "Original goods made of soft resin" Our new product "Soft resinWas published.


2001.12.01 Business Guide, Inc. "Monthly Gift" December issue P.12 "Rotary Keychain" Our new product "Rotary key chainWas published.
2001.10.12 The Yomiuri Shimbun was published on the 2001th page of the morning edition of October 10, 12 as a case study of the seminar "Corporate Management in the 11st Century by IT".
Sponsor: Yomiuri Shimbun Advertising Bureau Special Sponsor: Cybozu, Inc.
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