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Approach to ISO14001

As a matter of course, 3R ((1) Reduce (2) Reuse (3) Recycle) activities based on the Basic Law for the Promotion of a Recycling-Oriented Society should be made through the active introduction of environmentally friendly materials and the creation of a mechanism to prevent defective products. We aim to provide "friendly" products that are conscious of the global environment, such as avoiding wasting resources.

Organization name Daio Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
First time
Certification date
Certification renewal date

(Expiration date 3 years: February 2024, 2)

Compliant standard ISO14001:2015
Registration number C2018-00591
Scope of application All activities related to "Manufacturing control and wholesale of key chains, chain jewelry and parts including precious metals"
Target establishment 5 domestic offices
  • Main office
  • Tokyo Office
  • Nagoya Sales Office
  • Osaka Sales Office
  • Misato Factory
Examination and registration agency Perry Johnson Registrar

Daio Seisakusho's Environmental Management System (Thinking about the environment is about quality)

When we think of the environment, we generally come up with familiar things such as reducing resources (copy paper, etc.) and saving energy, but what Daio Seisakusho focuses on is creating a system that does not produce defective products.
Disposing of defective products wastes the resources of the defective products themselves, and doubles the environmental burden of recreating them.
In other words, environmentally conscious activities also lead to quality.
We want to reduce the environmental impact by improving quality.

what we can do

If you always feel like it is a waste, you should be able to carry out activities that lead to environmental conservation.
After all, people. The feeling of "mottainai" leads to cost reduction and can be returned to customers in the end.
At Daio Seisakusho Co., Ltd., we pay close attention to everyday awareness, and every day a team of employees cleans up and discovers a small "Mottainai", gathers together to take in-house lectures, discuss and discuss bright and fun environmental issues. I'm out.

Aiming to be an eco-style company

Familiar activity "recycling" that everyone is doing. However, I think that there are things we can do closer to when we consider the energy that goes into "recycling." That is to continue to use it for a long time.
At Daio Seisakusho, we are paying attention to one of our main products, as well as eco-design development aimed at extending life. ?In addition to the conventional 3R, "I can still use it"-I would like to introduce and promote the repair method and support users who practice eco-style.

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