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Ball chain

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Ball chain
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A diamond cut ball chain.
You can choose the length and ball diameter.We always have items in stock in lengths of 6, 8, 10, 12, and 15 cm.It is also possible to change the length and use ball chains compatible with needle detectors.Please contact our sales department.

Product codeparts catalog_p9
body sizeBC15/6 (ball diameter 1.5 mm x total length 60 mm)
BC15/8cm (ball diameter 1.5mm x total length 80mm)
BC15/10cm (ball diameter 1.5mm x total length 100mm)
BC23/10cm (ball diameter 2.3mm x total length 100mm)
BC23/12cm (ball diameter 2.3mm x total length 120mm)
BC23/15cm (ball diameter 2.3mm x total length 150mm)
* The total length varies from one to two grains.   
MaterialBC15: made of brass
BC23: Iron
Body colorNickel, real gold, tin plating/nickel free only for BC23 series
Quality standardsB-IIClick here for quality standards
Other Tensile strength: BC15 series approx. 3kg/BC23 series approx. XNUMXkg
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