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Atomizer MINI

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Atomizer MINI
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An ultra-mini type atomizer (1ml type) that allows you to carry your favorite perfume cutely.

Since it is a roll-touch type, which is rare for a mini size, you can easily add perfume without touching the contents.
You can also attach it as a charm to your mobile phone strap, and use your favorite perfume anytime, anywhere.

・Perfume can be refilled. As it is made of resin, it is easy to wash and can be used by replacing it with a different perfume.

-Although it is a super mini size, it is a product that is particular about quality.
Since the roll receiving part is made of resin, the roller rotates smoothly.
Perfume can be applied smoothly from a pinpoint to a slightly wide range.

Other uses
・Liquid coating for insect bites, liquid fragrance for insect repellent, etc.
・For carrying alcohol disinfectants (e.g. sterilization of hands before meals in camps)

Product code5002
body sizeφ11x41+5 (mm) *Content volume 1ml
MaterialBody/Roller Receiver: Polypropylene
Roller: Stainless
Body colorBlue/white/pink
Insert namePossible
Other Also available as a bespoke 1.5ml type
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