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Bag charm holder
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Catalog No.: 5011

Bag charm holder

A keychain for accessories for handbags.
It can be used for handbag hangers, glove holders, etc.

Chain length is 20 cm [IR120R 20 cm, IR rope 20 cm]
When using our handbag hanger, the length is 20 cm so that you do not have to remove the chain from the bag.
No hassle when using a handbag hanger.

15cm adjust type [IR120K 15cm]
Like the adjuster on the necklace, you can adjust the size and length of the ring when used.
Since the hook can be hung directly on each piece of the chain, you can adjust the length while checking the arrangement balance of the charm and handbag provided below.

Product code5011
body size15cm type/20cm type
MaterialChain/O-ring: Iron, Hook: Brass
Body colorNickel plating, tin plating
Quality standardsB-II
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A chain that complements motifs such as handbag hangers and glove holders!







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