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Guardian character plate & pins (made-to-order)

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Guardian character plate & pins (made-to-order)
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Guardian Buddha has been in good luck since ancient times and has been popular with people as an amulet (Omamori Honson).

It is said that there are eight guardian Buddhas in the twelve directions to protect them.
It is said to be a guardian Buddha of the same birth year (zodiac) as that direction.

The Sanskrit character is a representation of the mandala of the world of France,
The letters themselves are said to be spiritual sacred letters that represent the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

The Sanskrit character that represents the guardian Buddha determined by the year of birth (Zodiac) is called the Guardian Sanskrit character.

Braille plate
Size: W20*H25mm
Material: Brass
Color: gold plated
    Black paint + gold plating
    Nickel + gold plating

Braille Pins
Size: W15*H22mm
Material: Brass
Color: gold plated
    Black paint + gold plating
    Nickel + gold plating

Product code5023
body sizePlate: 20*25mm Pins 15*20mm
Body colorGold plating / nickel + gold plating / gold plating + black painting
Insert namePossible
Normal delivery timeWhen in stock for 5 days (*)
ROHS standardAcknowledged
Other * As soon as the stock runs out, it will be made to order (delivery time will be charged separately).
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