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Smart connect (earphone jack)
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Catalog No.: 5201

Smart connect (earphone jack)

A connector that allows you to attach an accessory charm to the earphone jack of some smartphones that do not have holes for carrying straps.
*Color type will end as soon as it is out of stock.

<How to use>
Insert the connector into the φ3.5mm earphone jack.
You can pass a round can or a pine cord through the hole of the smart connect.

OEM is also available for smart connect mascots that integrate connectors and mascots (polyresin, PVC, etc.).

Made of PVC and polyurethane, the material is hard to break.

*Handling precautions*
-Because the earphone plug is designed to be pulled out easily so as not to damage it, it cannot be used as a fall prevention strap.
 When using it for fall prevention, please use it together with a case etc.
-This product is compatible with φ3.5 mm plugs.
・Please note that we are not liable for any damage to your iPhone or smartphone due to the use of this product.

Product code5201
body sizeAbout φ3.5×18mm
MaterialBlack: PVC and other 7 colors: Polyurethane
Body colorBlack/White/Pink/Blue/Orange/Yellow/Green/Purple
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