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Daruma who has eyes

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Daruma who has eyes
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A new mascot "Medaru Daruma" is released.
The eyes, the buds, and the happy dolls send a prayer to the examinees to pass the exam.

Hand-write your face and cheering message on the lucky Dharma.

"Message from loved ones" and "Punipuni touch with a habit"
It is the only one in the world that encourages examinees and those who have come up with the time to say "here is the best!" and relaxes uneasiness.

Write the Daruma's face and a message to the giver.
It will be the only amulet in the world where you can feel the warmth of handwriting.

Sales price: 450 yen (tax excluded)

-Use a pen suitable for the material of the main body (soft vinyl chloride).
-When writing with a pen, do not touch it immediately. Make sure that the ink is completely dry before touching. ..
-If you rub it strongly, the ink may be discolored.
・Due to the characteristics of the material, color transfer may occur.

*Our recommended pen
  ・ Sebra "McKee"
  ・ Tombow Pencil "Mono Twin"

Product code5310–1
body sizeW45 x H42 x D47 (mm)
Body color5 colors (red/blue/yellow/pink/green)
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