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Reel key chain (with pot)
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Catalog No.: 5313

Reel key chain (with pot)

A reel key chain featuring a flat body suitable for printing.
Original printing can be done by combining with a pass case that is essential for commuting to work or school.

Recommended POINT!
 1. Flat shape to the edge that can be printed on both sides
 2. Pear body with a calm texture (also suitable for UV printing)
 3. Long stroke (approx. 75 cm) improves usability

It is a reel-type key chain whose tip extends.
Since it is an outer pot type that is easy to attach a key chain, it is suitable for attaching to a bag or neck strap.
We also have a wide variety of colors and types of combination parts such as key chains and hooks that can be attached to outer pots!

*Printing recommended only for white and black
* Gold and nickel are not recommended due to weak ink adhesion. Please contact us if you want to print.

Product code5313
body sizeWhole: W32×H59×D9mm
Name entry surface: φ30 mm
Double ring: φ2 x outer diameter 1mm
Reel stroke: approx. 75 cm
MaterialBody: ABS
Double ring: iron
Body colorBlack/white/chrome/gold
Insert namePossible [Name size] φ30 mm
Analytical test dataTensile strength inspection About 3kg
Quality standardsB-II
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