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Original miniature bottle
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Catalog No.: 5402

Original miniature bottle

A bottle-shaped charm with a height of XNUMX cm.
Recommended for novelty Japanese and Western sake.

The seal part representing the brand can be handled in small lots such as 100 pieces.
We will also sell only miniature bottles without names.

This product is available in two types: acrylic and polyresin.

[Acrylic bottle]
The surface is smooth, and the beauty of transparency and luster (= surface smoothness) is a feature.
Acrylic has superior resistance to discoloration compared to polyresin.
Since it is manufactured domestically, it is also suitable for small lot projects.

Acrylic rods are processed by rotary cutting, so
Only rotationally symmetrical shapes can be manufactured.

[Bottle made of polyresin]
Because it is cast molding, unlike the above acrylic cutting process,
Molding with a high degree of design freedom such as bottles is possible.

We accept orders from 1,000 lots or more, but compared to acrylic products.
It can be manufactured at a low unit price.

Product code5402
body size12 x 44 (mm)
MaterialAcrylic (Low-priced poly resin is also available)
Body colorClear (made-to-order), brown (translucent), green (translucent)
Insert namePrint sticker compatible (brand label affixed)
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[Example of finished product]
Example of finished product

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