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Brass capsule
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Catalog No.: 5306-2

Brass capsule

Brass capsules are now available in aluminum capsules!
It is a capsule that tastes better the more you use it by making the best use of the texture of the unplated brass material. It has a heavy weight and is full of luxury.
There are 3 sizes, 3S/SS/S

<Main applications>
・Put contact notes for young children and elderly people who need nursing care
・ Put a pet's lost child tag (owner's contact information) 
・ Pill case 
-It can be used as a keepsake of your beloved pet who has passed away.

Product code5306 2
body size[3S size]
Width φ9.7 mm x total length 20.5 mm
Inner diameter: Lid side φ6mm / body side φ8mm
[SS size]
Width φ10 mm x total length 28 mm
Inner diameter: Lid side φ6mm / body side φ8mm
[S size]
Width φ15 mm x total length 46 mm
Inner diameter: Lid side φ10mm / body side φ13mm
Insert namePossible
Quality standardsB-II
More*This product is manufactured by the cutting method, so there may be minor scratches on the surface or inside.
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