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Cairo case ◆
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Catalog No.: 5419

Cairo case ◆

Cairo is a must for cold winter. If you wrap it in a fluffy case like a stuffed animal, it gently warms your cold hands.
Do you not make winter healing goods with original design? (OEM compatible)

●Fluffy and warm healing goods
● A cute mobile phone anytime
●For prevention of low temperature burn
● It will be a tissue case.
●For cold weather office goods
●For cold outdoor events

Please also use the ecological "Rewarm Cairo" that can be used repeatedly.

Product code5419
MaterialPolyester (for OEM chick design)
Body colorRequest for consultation
Insert nameYou can put your name on the tag
OtherThe chick design is an OEM reference example. Please contact us as the price varies depending on the design.
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