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Beads Zodiac Mascot (Beads Zodiac Mamoru)

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Beads Zodiac Mascot (Beads Zodiac Mamoru)
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A hand-knitted beaded mascot with auspicious zodiac. The warmth and cuteness unique to handmade products are familiar to a wide range of generations.
It is a completely original design in collaboration with beads artist Keiko Kitamura.

<Set contents>
● Package set
 Reference retail price 450 yen

●Mascot alone (with/without key chain)
*Please attach the attached logo sticker to the package when selling. (For details, please see the leaflet catalog.)
*It will be discontinued as soon as stock runs out.

Product code5421
MaterialBeads: glass/resin
Ring (gold plated): Iron
Ball chain (gold plated): Iron
Other Since it is handmade, there are individual differences in the size and knitting method of beads. Please note that the size is a guide.
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Specializing in three-dimensional bead mascots, with a realistic and cute style
He has produced many animal works with particular attention to detail. 
"Motif/Beads" "NEW Motif/Beads Selection" (Nagaoka Shoten)

**Bead artist Keiko Kitamura's home page**

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