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Meal plate/frame

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Meal plate/frame
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Our original design
Meal plates and frames that can be used for popular resin accessories and handmade products.

Enclose your favorite photos, illustration paper, charms, etc.
Original bag charms and pendants can be made by pouring and curing UV resin solution.

The cherry and plum meal plates are perfect for souvenirs in sightseeing spots as they go great with crepe or netsuke strings.

◆ How to make accessories using UV resin liquid (resin that cures with ultraviolet rays) ◆
(XNUMX) Spread paper or cloth to make a background, and place the material to be enclosed on it.
② Pour the resin solution from above. If air bubbles enter, remove them with a toothpick.
(XNUMX) The resin solution will cure when exposed to UV light such as sunlight or UV light.

Product code5418
body sizeBottle type: W23 x H45 x D4mm
Stamp type: W25 x H34 x D2.5mm
Cherry type: W30 x H32.5 x D1.7mm (dropped part 0.7mm)
Plum type: W30 x H33 x D1.7mm (dropped part 0.7mm)
Clock type: W40.5 x H57 x D4mm (dropped part 2.5mm)
MaterialZinc alloy
Body colorChrome, brass antique ※ Gold-plated is made to order
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How to make resin accessories 

XNUMX. First, lay a piece of paper or cloth on the meal plate to create the background.
→ At that time, if you want to make a background with "paper" such as a photo, use it as a base.Apply white nail polishAnd when finished, the photos and patterns will be clear.

2. Pour the resin solution after finishing the decoration.
→ It is recommended that frames such as stamps and bottles be placed on a clear file.

3. Cure the resin.
→ When curing
Make sure that the resin is balanced.Make sure the meal plate is level.

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