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Plastic chain Chain LOX release
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Catalog No.: 5703

Plastic chain Chain LOX release

Detachable plastic chain.
It has a structure similar to a ball chain and is easy to attach and remove.
The plastic product does not rust in water and can be used with confidence. With a translucent and colorful lineup, it is a perfect item for accessories and fashionable tags.

Also, the plastic chain does not react to metal detectors or needle detectors.
It is possible to put it on equipment with tags attached to stuffed animals and apparel products.

Product code5703
body sizeTotal length 140 mm (including connector) / Chain Φ3 mm
MaterialMade of polycarbonate
Body colorBlack/Clear/Yellow/Orange/Red/Pink/Purple/Blue/Green/Dark Yellow/Gray
Quality standardsB-2
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Color development

A wide variety of 11 colors are available for various purposes.




About model change in 2020
We have remodeled the "connector part" that can be attached and detached.
We will switch to the "new model" as soon as the "conventional model" is out of stock.
When ordering, if you want either one of the "new hope" or
Please specify "traditional type".

The "new model" has a slim connector part, and can be attached and removed.
It's simplified.

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