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Tatsumi Princess
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Catalog No.: 5701

Tatsumi Princess

Since the lie tells a lie, the misfortunes and misfortunes that existed in the previous year are lied to, and this year's luck "famous change" is held in the hope of becoming a good luck. bird.
It is called "Ushimehime" because of its beautiful appearance and squealing voice, and it is also believed to be "a messenger of the god of school work" because the character "Satsu" resembles the old letter "Gaku."
Please ring the Tatsumi Hime-Rin as a lucky charm that invites good luck and gives you good luck, success, and good luck.

It has a cute size that fits in the palm of your hand and stands on its own on a flat surface.

Tatsu® is a registered trademark of the religious corporation Kameido Tenjinsha.

Product code5701
body sizeSize: W25 × H18.5 × D16mm
MaterialMaterial: brass (the inner ball is made of iron)
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