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Catalog No.: 5706

Pen holder *T-shirt type gold plating is temporarily discontinued as the product is being manufactured.

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Pen holder *T-shirt type gold plating is temporarily discontinued as the product is being manufactured.
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It is a convenient item that can be attached to a notebook or notebook and carry a pen, so you can save time searching for a pen.

The flat type is easy to commercialize by engraving the logo (only one color) or attaching decorative parts,
The φ25 mm round plate and T-shirt type with a plate are also perfect as a souvenir by sticking a full-color printed acrylic plate and a dome (potting) sticker.
It also supports a φ25 mm craft punch, and can be used in combination with a transparent dome seal or as a material for handmade resin craft.

Product code5706
body sizeFlat type: W41 x H11.5 x D16mm
With φ25 plate: W47.5 x H27.5 x D16mm
With T-shirt type plate: W49 x H27 x D16mm
Plate dropping part 0.7 mm concave
MaterialClip/Ring part: Iron Plate: Zinc alloy
Body colorFlat type: gold plated/nickel plated
With φ25 plate: Gold plating/Nickel plating/Brass Komi
With T-shirt type plate: gold plated/nickel plated
Insert namePossible
(Engraved on the body: only one color)
(Full color support by attaching acrylic plate or dome seal to φ25 plate/T-shirt type plate)
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The type with a round plate is perfect for embedding a logo or emblem!
Parts for resin handmade, or our optionalGlass domeAlso in combination with ◎



Uniforms for sports teams and school uniform designs on T-shirt plates!
Acrylic plates printed in full color and dome (potting) stickers can be attached.


The flat type can be engraved with the company name or metal decoration parts on a flat surface.
* Processable range (W24 x H11.5mm)



Print range/template

Print range
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Pen holder with glass dome] Making


・ With pen holder 25Φ plate
・Glass dome hemisphere
・Resin solution
・Favorite decoration (flower material this time)

Making 1

① Place the decoration on the plate part of the pen holder.
*When using dried flowers,
 Be careful not to let the flowers collapse with tweezers etc.

*If the position of the decoration is misaligned,
 Temporarily fix it with resin liquid and fix the position for a beautiful finish!

Making 2

Apply the resin solution to the edge of the plate with a toothpick and cover it with a glass dome.
* If the glass dome is covered with resin liquid,
 Be careful not to get the contents caught between the glass dome and the pen holder!

Making 3 "

③ Cure the resin. Apply UV light.
→ Curing time: With UV light10-15 minutesdegree

Making 4

④ Once the resin has hardenedComplete!

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