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Catalog No.: 5707

PU (synthetic leather) compact mirror series ◆

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PU (synthetic leather) compact mirror series ◆
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With UV printer support, you can quickly create fashionable accessories by printing cute illustrations and anime characters.
With a size that is convenient for carrying around, you can print on the entire surface of the leather part.
A wide variety of shapes are available, and the names of sweets that are similar to each shape are given!

[Magnifying glass type]
It comes with a 2x mirror, which is convenient for fine makeup such as eye makeup!
・73×73 square type (cracker)
・62×85 square type (Monaca)
・72φ round shape (pancake)
・ 62φ round shape (cookie)
・80×55 oval type (Duck Words)
・ 80 × 70 heart shape (Palmier)

[Single-sided mirror type]
Since printing is on one side, both production cost and product cost are the highest!
・ 75φ round single side (biscuit)

[Pill case type]
A cute palm-sized pill case.Practicality!
・ Pill case 62φ round type (macaron)

Product code5707
body size73 x 73 square (cracker)
: W73 x H74 x D10mm (approx. 71g)
62 x 85 square type (Monaka)
: W62 x H86 x D10mm (approx. 85g)
72φ round shape (pancake)
: W72 x H75 x D12mm (approx. 60g)
62φ round shape (cookie)
: W62 x H64 x D11mm (approx. 43g)
80 x 55 oval (Dacquoise)
: W80 x H57 x D11mm (approx. 52g)
75φ round single side (biscuit)
: W75 x H75 x D6mm (approx. 24g)
Pill case 62φ round type (macaron)
: W62 x H64 x D19mm (approx. 45g)
80 x 70 heart-shaped (Palmier)
: W80 x H74 x D11mm (approx. 65g)
MaterialSurface leather: Synthetic leather (PU) Body: ABS Mirror: Glass
Body colorChrome plating
Quality standardsB-2Click here for quality standards
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There are XNUMX variations!Each shape has a sweet name!



[About the back of the printing surface of the PU compact mirror]

Parts introduction

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Introducing the company that made this product!

Hyogo Horse Racing Facility Usage Association
Hyogo Horse Racing Facility Usage Association

At an event for women
Commemorative goods

Kyoto Hannarys
Kyoto Hannarys

Sell ​​at match venue
"Official goods for women

Nagaragawa Railway Co., Ltd.
Nagaragawa Railway Co., Ltd.

An active driver
"Designed "PU mirror"

Tokyo Power Lifting Association
Tokyo Power Lifting Association

For gifts of personal sponsorship
"Plate compact mirror"

Tokyo Power Lifting Association
Tokyo Power Lifting Association

Due to its popularity, individual sponsorship gifts
Introducing the long-awaited new color for "Plate Compact Mirror"

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