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Canvas F series
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Catalog No.: 5708-1

Canvas F series

It is a white canvas compatible with a UV printer.

We have a wide selection of F size types for popular demand!

Since it can be printed freely, it is easy to make original products, and it can be used in various scenes such as animation merchandise, as well as printing family photos to make memories and wedding welcome boards.

You can choose the size you like, from large to small.

[Handling size]
F0...180×140 mm (thickness: about 17 mm)
F3...273×220 mm (thickness: about 18 mm)
F4...333×242 mm (thickness: about 18 mm)
F6...410×318 mm (thickness: about 18 mm)

Product code5708 1
body sizeF0: W180×H140mm (Thickness about 17mm)
F3: W273 x H220mm (thickness about 18mm)
F4: W333 x H242mm (Thickness about 18mm
F6: W410 x H318mm (thickness about 18mm)
MaterialWooden frame: paulownia wood
Painting cloth: Cotton synthetic fiber blend
Body colorwhite
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