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Metal printer METAZA "MPX-95" (manufactured by Roland DG)
You can engrave letters and images on the spot on metal plates, pens and accessories.
It is compact and does not take up much space, and you can operate it as easily as a printer!

Introducing the MPX-90, which is a further upgrade from the previous model MPX-95.
The pedestal can be removed, making it possible to mark even tall objects.
The laser point standard equipment makes it easy to identify the marking position, and even beginners can easily print.

① Compact and space saving
② Simple operation that anyone can use

Want to make the most of your small store space and start a new service business?

*This product is a high-end model of METAZA “MPX-90” metal printer.
(Please note that the MPX-90 is discontinued by the manufacturer.)
*A PC is required to use this product.
*The PC in the image above is not included in this product.
* It may take half a month to a month for the product to arrive if the manufacturer does not have it in stock.
Please check the stock status in advance when using it in a hurry.

[Printable material]
Metals (iron/aluminum/brass/stainless steel/titanium), precious metals (gold/silver/copper/platinum)

[Print area]
Maximum area: width 80 mm x depth 80 mm, recommended area: width 50 mm x depth 50 mm

AC adapter/Power cord/Test material/USB cable/Roland Software Package CD/User's manual etc.

There is also an optional "Gift Kit GK-1" pedestal kit that can be used to fix various shapes.
You can easily fix the shape that was difficult with the conventional model.

[Gift kit GK-1 contents] *See the second image
Center vise (base fixed type), movable center vise (base movable type),
Head cap round bottom (30 pieces), clamp pin (large: 4 pieces / small: 4 pieces)

Product code4710
body sizeWidth 286 x depth 383 x height 308 (mm) weight 12 (kg)
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