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Charm hook

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Charm hook
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A cute deformed hook.

The cute motif has become a modified hook.
I think it will become more and more noticeable because of its cuteness.

We have animal shapes from stars, hearts, flowers and other motifs.

Suitable for women's and children's charms.
It is also recommended as a charm to be attached to anime and manga goods.

Product code0121
body sizeStar type: W24 x H35 x thickness 5 mm
Moon type: W20 x H34 x thickness 5mm
Heart type: W24 x H34 x thickness 6 mm
Wing type: W21 x H35 x thickness 6 mm
Cat type: W23 x H34 x thickness 5 mm
Cat (whole body) type: W12 x H41 x thickness 5 mm
Cherry type: W27 x H41 x thickness 5 mm
Flower type: W29 x H42 x thickness 5 mm
Clover type: W27 x H40 x thickness 5 mm
Bear (whole body) type: W24 x H37 x thickness 5 mm
Penguin type: W17 x H45 x thickness 5 mm
Dolphin type: W29 x H42 x thickness 5 mm
Whale shark type: W36 x H47 x thickness 5 mm
Fish type: W29 x H32 x thickness 5mm
Mushroom type: W34 x H49 x thickness 5 mm
Mt. Fuji type: W37 x H43 x thickness 5 mm
Daruma type: W32 x H49 x thickness 5 mm
MaterialZinc alloy
Body colornickel
Quality standardsB-2Click here for quality standards
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Introducing a new shape to the popular charm hook!
It is an original design of Daio Seisakusho that is also recommended for inbound products.





The hook is also a cute and special key chain.


Line Up

  • Variation charm hook star-shaped
  • Variation charm hook moon type
    Moon type
  • Variation charm hook heart-shaped
  • Variation charm hook feather type
    Feather shape
  • Variation charm hook cat type
    Cat type
  • Variation charm hook cat (whole body) type
    Cat (whole body) type
    W12 x H41xD5mm
  • Variation charm hook Sakura type
    Sakura type
  • Variation charm hook flower pattern
    Flower pattern
  • Variation charm hook cloverleaf
    Clover shape
  • Variation charm hook bear (whole body) type
    Bear (whole body) type
  • Variation charm hook penguins type
    Penguins type
  • Variation charm hook dolphin type
    Dolphin type
  • Variation charm hook Whale shark type
    Whale shark type
  • Variation charm hook fish type
    Fish type
  • Variation charm hook Mushroom type
    Mushroom type
  • Variation charm hook Mt. Fuji type
    Mt. Fuji type
  • Variation charm hook Daruma type
    Daruma type


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