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Mini picture frame (photo collection) ◆

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Mini picture frame (photo collection) ◆
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Of course memories, impressive scenery, favorite illustrations
Print fashionable textiles that look good on the interior onto plates,
A small but full-scale miniature picture frame is completed just by assembling.
A printing product that can be manufactured in a small lot compatible with UV printing.

You can choose the color of the frame from two colors, black and white,
The back side can be selected from two types, magnet sheet type and stand part type.
(The colors of the parts other than the edges are the same.)
In addition to the stand function, the stand parts
・A key chain through a ball chain
・Stick it with a thumbtack and decorate it on the wall
・As a badge
It is a convenient part with a wide range of functions!

It is also fashionable to decorate the edges or transparent sheet with metal decoration parts.

There is also a slightly smaller size that can be put in a capsule toy.
* Mini-mini size is currently discontinued

Product code5806
body size[Mini picture frame]
Body: W52 x H60 x D10 mm (excluding the thickness of the magnet sheet and stand parts)
Printing plate normal size: W35×H40mm
Printing plate large size: W43 x H49.5mm
Printing plate T-shirt type: W42 x H38mm

[Mini-mini picture frame] * Production is currently discontinued
Body: W46 x H54 x D7 mm (excluding the thickness of the magnet sheet and stand parts)
Printing plate size: W30 x H37mm

[Picture frame BIG]
Body: Normal type H110 x W72.5 x D11mm (Thickness of magnet sheet and stand parts is not included)
Box type H110 × W72.5 × D33mm
Printing plate size: W53 x H87mm
MaterialFrame/Pedestal/Print Plate: ABS
Transparent sheet: PET
Body colorFrame color: white/black
Insert namePossible
Quality standardsB-XNUMX *The printing plate has minor scratches, but you can print cleanly by printing white on the base.When printing, a white print is required as a base.Click here for quality standards
ROHS standardAcknowledged
Other Made in Japan (MADE IN JAPAN)
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This is a cute palm-sized miniature picture frame that allows you to decorate photos of players, artists, and idols, play photos, impressive landscapes, and favorite illustrations.
You can also choose from three types of plates that go inside.

Features The size is one size larger than the mini frame, and the box type is also recommended for sale with sweets and privilege cards inside.


Introduction of each part

Very easy to make♪
You can choose the color of the frame from two colors, black and white,
The back side can be selected from two types, magnet sheet type and stand part type.
(The colors of the parts other than the edges are the same.)


The magnet type can be attached to a refrigerator or whiteboard.


You can decorate the stand type anywhere!


Example of finished product

Example of finished product


Recommended usage


How to use
[Trading frame]
Fun to collect! It is a device that makes you want to collect without thinking.
By printing each player and each group member individually, putting them in a package that can not be seen, and purchasing in the lottery format
It is a system that allows you to enjoy the thrilling feeling that you do not know which hits and prevents uneven distribution of inventory by members and designs.
If you mix the signature with a secret, the premium level will increase!
Aiming for completeness, exchanging fans with each other will increase hobby friends, and trading using SNS is also popular, so advertising effects can be expected.
(* Production of the "mini-mini picture frame" that fits in the capsule of Gacha Gacha is currently discontinued)


How to use
[Sign frame]
Signs and messages can be written directly on the transparent plate.
If you write the handwritten signature, it will be enjoyed by fans as a crowdfunding gift or a reward item. Also, if you sell it as an option at the autograph session, or change the picture for each fan club limited event venue such as talk show, dinner show, etc., the premier degree will be improved at once!
There is no doubt that you will want to put more photos in a small size that fits in the palm of your hand when you decorate them at your desk, at the entrance, or anywhere near you!


How to use
[Frame rally]
Local performance mobilization with a venue limited design that you can collect and enjoy!!
If it's a live tour, one design for each party. Participating in all the performances will complete a photo of all the members.
It's a long-running rally, and I'm looking forward to going to the next performance after buying one!
Would you like to visit the performance with the design you want when you announce the product lineup? !


When you want to put your name on it or make an original color design

Print on a plate (normal plate, large plate, T-shirt plate)
Minimum lot: 100 pieces ~

Print on transparent sheets
Minimum lot: 100 pieces ~

Make the frame color the original color
Minimum lot: 1000 pieces ~



You can also make an original mount design.


Print range/template

Print range
↓ Please download the template from here

View print templates


Introduction video

This is an introduction video of the product!


Introduction of workshop


Workshop using a mini picture frame
[Photo Sticker Kit]
This is a workshop where you can make a mini picture frame by printing a photo on your smartphone as a sticker on the spot.


Workshop using a mini picture frame
[Acrylic plate kit]
This is a workshop for children, where small acrylic parts are pasted on the plate to create their own original picture frame.



Introducing the company that made this product!

Asami refrigeration
Asami refrigeration

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