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Stand parts SRP-1
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Catalog No.: 5807

Stand parts SRP-1

Flexible usage with one part!
When it is closed (normal state) it is a badge part, but when the ratchet part is opened it becomes a stand part,
Now you can use your favorite acrylic key chain or tin badge as a stand!

Also, in addition to the function as a badge when closed
・For key chains through ball chains
-You can also hang it with a thumbtack and display it on the wall.
・If you pass a tape with a width of 15 mm or less, it becomes a neck strap
And it is a convenient part that you can use it widely to decorate and carry your favorite items!

You can choose with or without safety pin.

Product code5807
body sizeSeat: W13XH23 mm
Stand part: W24 x H35 mm
Safety pin: W32 mm
Total thickness: 8mm
Adhesive surface: W13 x H23mm
MaterialPedestal/stand parts: PC
Needle: Stainless
Body colorClear
Insert nameImproper
Quality standardsB-II
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