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Magnet badge ◆

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Magnet badge ◆
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Badge Company Emblem School Emblem Magnet Open Campus

Since a normal pin badge is a sharp pin, it will make holes in clothing etc.,
In response to the request that you do not want to make holes in your precious suit or uniform, we have created a type that stops with a strong magnet!
Recently, it has been used as an accessory for masks.

Most pin badges are made of metal with the body and needle integrated,
The magnetic badge uses double-sided tape, and its wide adhesive surface makes it difficult to peel off, and it has an excellent compatibility with acrylic printing plates.
Since the acrylic plate is cut into a freeform and UV-printed, it becomes a badge.
Smaller lot original (full color) than metal pin badge
You can now create pin badges with a high degree of freedom!

Features of each product
【Round shape】
Recommended when making small motifs such as company emblems.
1 magnet

[Oval type (resin cover type)]
It is small and uses two magnets, so it is stronger than the round type.

[Square type (resin cover type)]
Recommended for portrait designs such as name tags.
With a resin cover, it will not hurt your nails when removing it!

[Square type (metal type)]
For portrait design such as name tags.
This is recommended when sticking to a metal plate.

Product code5802
body sizeRound type: 17φ x thickness 5.6mm
Oval type (resin cover type): W34 x H13 x thickness 7 mm
Square type (resin cover type): W45 x H13 thickness 6 mm
Square type (metal type): W45 x H13 x thickness 5 mm
MaterialPlate: iron
Resin cover: ABS
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Safe and secure because it does not use needles ♪ Badges that can be attached without making holes!


Peel off the seal on the iron plate part and attach it to the back of the acrylic plate.
Any flat plate can be a badge.


No need to use a needle, so you don't have to worry about finger injuries and children are safe! There is no hole in the clothes♪


Adhesive plate part uses strong double-sided tape! Just peel off the sticker and stick!


Acrylic badges enable die-cut free-form and full-color expression!
Acrylics can be used in a swinging design!


Round shape
Round shape
When you want to make a small company emblem.
* Since the round type is easy to rotate after attaching it, make it with a problem-free design,
Please refrain from making larger designs.


Although it is small, it is powerful because it uses two magnets.


Square type (resin cover type)
Square type (resin cover type)
We recommend the lightweight type that uses a wide resin cover for landscape designs such as name tags and large die cuts!


Square type (metal cover type)
Square type (metal cover type)
This metal type is recommended when you want to give it a unified look by attaching it to a metal plate.


Example of finished product

Example of finished product


When you want to put a name or make an original design

Original shape

Minimum lot: 100 pieces ~
Reference delivery time: Sample 2 weeks Mass production about 20 days
Acrylic thickness 3mm, laser cut

Other badge parts can be produced.
Minimum lot: 100 pieces ~



You can also make an original mount design.


Print range/template

Print range
↓ Please download the template from here
It is a recommended size template that supports design production and printing work.

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Product introduction video!


Introducing the company that made this product!

Osaka International Conference Center Co., Ltd.
Osaka International Conference Center Co., Ltd.

20th anniversary of opening
"Magnetic pin badge"

Cybozu, Inc.
Cybozu, Inc.

Casual PR item
"Magnet mask charm"

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