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Bookmark (clipper)
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Catalog No.: 5811

Bookmark (clipper)

It is used as a bookmark (bookmarker) for the pages you are reading, such as notebooks, notebooks, and novels.
It's thin and light, but it's strong and won't slip off, and when the book is closed, the round decoration surface stands out as one point, so it's both practical and functional.
Acrylic plates and potting stickers printed with logos and illustrations on the decoration surface are put on the name and are perfect for gifts and souvenirs.

The small size is recommended for notebooks and paperback books, and the large size is recommended for B5-A4 size books and notebooks.

Product code5811
body size15mm: W18.6×H45.7×D1.5mm Concave surface φ15mm
18mm: W21.4×H55×D1.5mm Concave surface φ18mm
20mm: W25×H61×D1.6mm Concave surface φ20mm
Body colorNickel plating/Gold plating
Insert namePossible
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