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Catalog No.: 5905

PU (synthetic leather) plate charm ◆

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PU (synthetic leather) plate charm ◆
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A cute size plate that completes the original charm in a matter of seconds by simply UV printing.
It can be attached to various things depending on the combination parts such as key chains!
There is a wide variety of shapes, and the back side can be selected from two types, a type with a mirror and a simple type without a mirror.
The back side uses brown leather, and we recommend single-sided printing on the front side.
(When printing on the back side, a solid black logo is recommended.)
Only T-shirt type has no mirror, and the back side is white so double-sided printing is possible.)
It is a size that can fit in a 65mm capsule.

Product code5905
body sizeRound type (without mirror): 51.5φ x D3mm
Round type (with mirror): 51.5φ x D3.5mm
Square type (without mirror): W46.5 x H46.5 x D3mm
Square type (with mirror): W46.5 x H46.5 x D3.5mm
Star type (without mirror): W49 x H47 x D3mm
Star type (with mirror): W49 x H47 x D3.5mm
Diamond type (without mirror): W61 x H61 x D3mm
Diamond type (with mirror): W61 x H61 x D3.5mm
T-shirt type: W52 x H49.5 x D3mm
MaterialBody: PU (synthetic leather)
Mirror: acrylic
Body colorSurface: white
Back: Brown (*T-shirt type only, white on the back)
Insert nameUV printable
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