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Toothbrush ◆

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Toothbrush ◆
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The skeleton toothbrush that looks good in the water is available in two sizes: an adult size with a stylish shape and a smaller kids size with a lens effect.
Full color printing is available for discerning designs!
It is sanitary because it is made in Japan and manufactured in one stop, from the mount to the package.

[OEM products]
This is a product that is made by printing the toothbrush and the original mount, and then delivering it as a finished product.

Product code5906
body sizeFor adults: W13.5 x H175 x D15mm
For kids: W13 x H165 x D14mm
Mount: W32×H195mm
MaterialHandle: AS resin
Brush: nylon
Cap: polypropylene
Body colorclear
Insert namePossible
Other With individual OPP bag with mount
Made in Japan (MADE IN JAPAN)
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Only for kids with one point that looks great with the lens effect!
It is recommended to include illustrations such as emblems and marks.


Example of finished product

Example of finished product
You can enjoy the design that can be done only because it is long and slender!
From endless designs to pattern patterns, horizontal and vertical logos will look great.
A watermark design that makes use of clear materials can be expressed in various ways depending on the idea!



Mount and OPP bag included as standard
You can also make an original mount design. The back side (monochrome) is also available


Print range/template

Print range
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Introducing the company that made this product!

Kita Osaka Express Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Kita Osaka Express Electric Railway Co., Ltd.

Stamp rally freebie
Limited to 300 people
Produces a toothbrush for kids

Toyama Grouses
Toyama Grouses

Sticking to the design
Produces a toothbrush for kids

Enoden Area Service Co., Ltd.
Enoden Area Service Co., Ltd.

Designed for "Enoden"
Producing a particular toothbrush

Nara Kotsu Co., Ltd.
Nara Kotsu Co., Ltd.

Tailored to the bus festival
New combined products

Teisan Hunan Transportation Co., Ltd.
Teisan Hunan Transportation Co., Ltd.

At the bus day festival
Producing toothbrushes for sale

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