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Original design bell ◆
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Catalog No.: 5701

Original design bell ◆

We raise the mold and form the bell with the original design.

We will make a three-dimensional bell image even from a flat image, such as a local or sports mascot character or an original mascot, and make a mold to make a custom-made bell.

*Depending on the design, it may be changed to a moldable design. The changed image will be confirmed by the customer and the product will be manufactured after the school is completed.
*Information on at least XNUMX directions (front, side, back, etc.) is required.
If there is only one direction or two directions image, we will assume and supplement the invisible part at our company, and make a 360-degree stereoscopic information of the character on behalf of the customer. Of course, we will ask the customer to confirm the created data, and we will manufacture the item after the school.

Product code5701
body sizeSize: W25 × H18.5 × D16mm
MaterialMaterial: brass (the inner ball is made of iron)
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