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Pen holder ◆ * T-shirt type gold plating is temporarily discontinued due to product manufacturing.
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Catalog No.: 5706

Pen holder ◆ * T-shirt type gold plating is temporarily discontinued due to product manufacturing.

It is a convenient item that can be attached to a notebook or notebook and carry a pen, so you can save time searching for a pen.

The flat type is easy to commercialize by engraving the logo (only one color) or attaching decorative parts,
The φ25 mm round plate and T-shirt type with a plate are also perfect as a souvenir by sticking a full-color printed acrylic plate and a dome (potting) sticker.
It also supports a φ25 mm craft punch, and can be used in combination with a transparent dome seal or as a material for handmade resin craft.

Product code5706
body sizeFlat type: W41 x H11.5 x D16mm
With φ25 plate: W47.5 x H27.5 x D16mm
With T-shirt type plate: W49 x H27 x D16mm
MaterialClip/Ring part: Iron Plate: Zinc alloy
Body colorFlat type: gold plated/nickel plated
With φ25 plate: Gold plating/Nickel plating/Brass Komi
With T-shirt type plate: gold plated/nickel plated
Insert namePossible
(Engraved on the body: only one color)
(Full color support by attaching acrylic plate or dome seal to φ25 plate/T-shirt type plate)
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The type with a round plate is perfect for embedding a logo or emblem!
Parts for resin handmade, or our optionalGlass domeAlso in combination with ◎



Uniforms for sports teams and school uniform designs on T-shirt plates!
Acrylic plates printed in full color and dome (potting) stickers can be attached.


The flat type can be engraved with the company name or metal decoration parts on a flat surface.
* Processable range (W24 x H11.5mm)



Example of finished product

Example of finished product



You can also make an original mount design.


When you want to put your name on it, or make your own design with colors and shapes

Put your name on ready-made products (φ25 plate, T-shirt type plate)
*Acrylic plate printing or full color printing on dome stickers

Minimum lot: 100 pieces ~
Reference delivery time: Sample 2 weeks Mass production about 25 days

Original plate shape
Minimum lot: 1000 pieces ~
Reference delivery time: Sample 4 weeks Mass production about 40 days


Print range/template

Print range
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Introduction video

This is an introduction video of the product!



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