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Catalog No.: 5020-1

Pill case & portable ashtray ◆

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Pill case & portable ashtray ◆
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A series of pill cases suitable for self-deco and personalization.
Since the lid part has a drop surface (concave surface), it is convenient for decorating and sticking a name sticker.

The type with a mirror on the back of the lid (B325-2 with a mirror) can also be used as a small accessory such as piercing or as a carrying case for eyelashes (eyelash case).

It is also recommended as a product for handicraft stores and as a promotional product for cosmetics.


Product code5020-1
body sizeSee catalog
Body colorChrome plating (B325-2 with mirror is also available with substitute gold plating)
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A convenient case for carrying accessories and small items.
Since it has a drop surface, it can be used for decoration and pasting printed acrylic plates and stickers.
You can use it.

UV printing on die-cut acrylic and sticking it on the drop surface completes the original mirror!
The drop surface has few uneven plating and scratches, and it is a beautiful specification, so even if you make a design without it and make use of the mirror surface specification ◎

By combining different materials, you can create a more luxurious feeling.
Even if the leather is stamped or foil stamped, and the wood is parqueted or laser engraved, the originality will come out.

It can also be used as a material for decorating with resin and rhinestones, and for making original goods easily.
It is recommended.


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You can also put it in an OPP bag, or a blister pack or box for high-priced products.


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Marine Farm Co., Ltd.
Marine Farm Co., Ltd.

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