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Taito Ward Industry Fair 2019
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Taito Ward Industry Fair 2019

We exhibited at the Taito-ku Industrial Fair 4 held on the 5th and 2019th floors of the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center Taitokan for two days from October 10 (Thursday) to November 31 (Friday).
Ueno and Asakusa are famous tourist spots in Taito Ward, but even if you walk a little from Ueno, it becomes a jewelery district, and there are many companies making leather shoes in the northern part of Asakusa, even in areas where local industry is flourishing. Therefore, it was an exhibition business meeting where companies and groups operating in Taito City exhibited their products and services. The number of foreign tourists is expected to increase with the Tokyo 2020 Games, and the keywords for this exhibition are "souvenirs" and "inbound". In addition, we exhibited amulets with foreign language notation specifications and goods with traditional Japanese Daruma motifs that are easy to understand in terms of origin and profit.

Zodiac Mamoru Damama with Bean Mame

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