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PU (synthetic leather) tag key chain
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Catalog No.: 6004

PU (synthetic leather) tag key chain


The synthetic leather material that is resistant to scratches and dirt is perfect for expressing full-color photos and illustrations!
Just by printing the gloss on the surface, it gives a sense of quality.
Depending on the design atmosphere such as anime characters, team logo, artist photo
You can choose from three types: square type, elliptical type, motel-key type, with or without mirror on the back.
The motel key design is fashionable for club team merchandise and simple designs with only logos and letters!

Product code6004
body size40×75 square type (without mirror): W40×H75×D3mm
40×75 square type (with mirror): W40×H75×D3.5mm
43×84 motel key type (without mirror): W43×H84×D3mm
43×84 motel key type (with mirror): W43×H84×D3.5mm
45 x 75 oval type (without mirror): W45 x H75 x D3mm
45×75 oval type (with mirror): W45×H75×D3.5mm
MaterialBody Leather: Synthetic Leather (PU) Double Ring: Iron Mirror: Acrylic
Body colorSurface: white
Back: black
Insert nameYes (full color UV printing)
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A tag type key chain made of synthetic leather that is strong against scratches and dirt.
Printing full-color photos and illustrations is perfect for sales goods related to anime, sports teams, and live goods!

The luster of synthetic leather creates a high-class feeling.
You can choose from three types, square, elliptical, and motel-key, and with or without a mirror on the back, depending on the atmosphere of the design.


Example of finished product

Example of finished product

When you want to put a name or make an original design

Put your name on a ready-made product

Minimum lot: 100 pieces ~
Reference delivery time: Sample 2 weeks Mass production about 15 days

It is also possible to deliver by attaching mounting parts.
Minimum lot: 100 pieces ~

パ ッ ケ ー ジ

パ ッ ケ ー ジ
You can also make an original mount design.

Print range/template

Print range
Print range
↓Please download the template from here
It also comes with a motel key design template that you can use freely.

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Introducing the company that made this product!

Kintetsu Vehicle Engineering Co., Ltd.
Kintetsu Vehicle Engineering Co., Ltd.

For new station building opening event
"PU tag key chain"

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