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2019 Minamisoma City Supporter Novelty Business

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2019 Minamisoma City Supporter Novelty Business
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Minamisoma City has a fan club-like activity called "Minamisoma City Supporter Business", and distributes novelty to members once a year. With the aim of creating a novelty that expresses the charm of the region and makes you want to convey it to people inside and outside the region, we will make it together with a local company.

The second year of the business, 2 was 2019 years after the nuclear accident, and it was a memorable year when we finally managed to open the sea. In addition, Minamisoma City was a mecca for surfing where the world competition was held, so many companies related to surfing cooperate with Riga International Co., Ltd. who has been manufacturing wet suits for 9 years in Minamisoma. We had you make it.

When you look at the site, there are a lot of scraps coming out, so can you use it for something? I heard that you are thinking. So, I thought about making novelty using this scrap, which conveys the character of Minamisoma city. Then, we decided on an umbrella marker to be attached to an umbrella, which takes advantage of the fact that it can be wet even from a few item candidates. The shape was also made with a surfboard type that imagined surfing, and a pamphlet that conveys the background of how this novelty was made is enclosed and shipped to the supporters.

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