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2018 Koi no Kuni Chikugo Attractive Diffusion Tool Making Project
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2018 Koi no Kuni Chikugo Attractive Diffusion Tool Making Project


Chikugo City, Fukuoka Prefecture, is famous for a shrine called Koiki Shrine, and it uses "Kuni no Chikugo" as a catchphrase.

We also made a local ramen with the local revitalization team, dyeing a special stick ramen in red and making it with the name of "Red thread of destiny". By entrusting all the ramen, packaging, and design to a local contractor, we made special products that can only be produced in that region.

Particular attention was paid to initiatives that leveraged the strengths of the region. We made a local specialty product together with the local youth by using the event of love (marriage) that the local community cooperation team was working on locally as a questionnaire.

This method attracts attention in local newspapers and TV, and the first 1,500 pieces are reserved and sold out before the release, and within a year after the release, a total of 1 pieces have been sold, keeping good sales. Doing.

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