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[Sakura pot Nakae]

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Crowdfunding support business
[Sakura pot Nakae]

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Crowdfunding support business [Sakura Nabe Nakae]
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We conducted a project in collaboration with a restaurant specializing in horse meat dishes [Sakura Nabe Nakae Asakusa Yoshihara Main Store], which has a history of 38 years since its founding.

In support of the Asakusa Hanayagi world, I was in charge of the planning and rewards for crowdfunding in response to the passion that I wanted to retain the tradition for future generations.

After the meeting, we can also create sentences etc. As a reward, I wanted to make something unique to the parlor play, so I printed the logo on the photo frame that recorded "Sawagi" which is a classic parlor play.

Offering amount: 1,265,000 yen
Achievement rate: 126% (initial target amount of 1,000,000 yen)
Number of supporters: 26

As a result, I achieved my goal!
We would like to thank everyone for their support.
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Product code5713–2
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Sakura pot Nakae
Sakura pot Nakae

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"Portable fan"

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