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USB AC adapter/USB multi cable
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Catalog No.: 6010

USB AC adapter/USB multi cable


UV original printing is possible on an AC adapter that can compactly store and carry the plugs and cables required for charging devices such as smartphones, tablets and game consoles.
We have a lineup of two models of AC adapters equipped with 2 ports that can charge devices compatible with USB charging at the same time, and a cable that can charge iPhone and other microUSB with one.
* Operation is not guaranteed on all USB devices.

Product code6010
body sizeUSB PD compatible AC adapter: W44 x H58 x D21.5mm
USB 2-port AC adapter: W36 x H58 x D19mm
USB multi-cable: W42 x H54 x D16mm
MaterialExterior: ABS
Body colorwhite
Insert nameYes (full color UV printing)
MoreUSB PD compatible AC adapter terminal: USB Type-A/USB Type-C
USB 2 port AC adapter terminal: USB Type-A
USB multi-cable terminal: microUSB/iPhone connector
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USB AC adapter and USB multi-cable ideal for original printing
It is an AC adapter and USB multi-cable that can store and carry a cord and plug compactly.


USB PD compatible AC adapter
It is an AC adapter that can be charged at the same time with two USB ports of different USB Type-A and Type-C.
It supports USB PD (USB Power Delivery) and charges with the optimum output according to the device.
*Type-C port only *USB PD compatible cable is required separately.


USB 2 port AC adapter
It is an AC adapter that can charge various devices at the same time with two USB Type-A ports.
With maximum output of 2.1A (*), tablets can be charged immediately. *Total of 2 ports


USB multi cable
It is a wind-up type portable USB multi-cable.
A convenient winding type with a total cord length of 80 cm. The terminals can also be stored exactly and can be carried compactly.
It is very convenient to turn the connector over so that you can use it as two types of terminals, iPhone charging and MicroUSB!


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