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Catalog No.: 6012

Mini suspender clip

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Mini suspender clip
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It is a highly versatile clip that can be used for various purposes, such as handmade masks, hat-stop clips, neck straps, and memo clips. Since there are XNUMX colors, it is easy to match the colors with the main products.
A resin clip featuring a unique grip and strong gripping force. In addition, the clip is made of resin only, so it can be used with a meter reading device.

Product code6012
body sizeW12.5 x H32.5 x D9mm
MaterialPC (polycarbonate)
Body colorClear Black/Clear/Clear Pink/Clear Red/Clear Yellow/Clear Green/Clear Blue
Quality standardsB-2Click here for quality standards
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A clear clip with a wide variety of colors.
Lift the lever up to open and close, hold firmly with one touch!


Recommended for hanging interiors in the photo!


It can also be used as a neck strap together with the ID card case.


Attach the cord or telescopic coil parts you have to the round hole to make a hat clip.
It prevents the hat from flying away.

Tie your own rubber cord to the round hole and put it on the clip with cloth or gauze
A handmade mask is ready in no time.


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