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Suikin Suzu Netsuke in XNUMX languages
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Suikin Suzu Netsuke in XNUMX languages

A bell with a soft tone like a music box.
When shaken, a sound sounds like Sharan.
As a healing item
You can use it as an amulet or accessory.
Explanations are shown in four languages: English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

The gorgeous Jijimi gold and silver mizukoto bells also fit nicely with gold and silver thread netsuke cords.

<Origin of Suikin Rin>
Suikintsutsu is one of the decorations of a Japanese garden.
In the Suikoto Cave, water drops falling from the top echo inside the jar,
It is a device that makes a sound like a koto.

It is the name of this bell because it resembles that tone.

Suikintomu Amulet Inbound

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