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Non-contact door opener
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Non-contact door opener

Non-contact hook door opener for antivirus

Recommended as a mobile item when going out!
Can be used without direct contact with doors, handrails, touch panels, train straps, etc.
Non-contact door opener to prevent virus infection.

With a protrusion that makes it easy to press the button and a hook that can hang the door
It is an easy-to-hold hook with a key-like shape.

In such a scene
・ When pressing the elevator button
・ For straps and handrails of trains when commuting to school
・ When opening the lever type door
・ For ATM touch panel and button operation

Fashionable even with a bag as an accessory
Soft metallic color with good coloring.

It is a large size that the door can be hung firmly.

* Black may look silver depending on how the light hits it.
* The touch panel can be used for pressure-sensitive ones.


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Product Specifications
Size: Large ... Overall length 92 mm x width (maximum value) approx. 50 mm x thickness approx. 4 mm Circular part: inner diameter approx. φ25 mm
      Small: Length 72 mm x Width (maximum value) approx. 22 mm x Thickness approx. 3.5 mm Circular part: Inner diameter approx. φ20 mm
Material: Zinc alloy
Color: Silver / Gold / Black
* Made-to-order minimum lot 500 pieces ~

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