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Patterned capsule
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Catalog No.: 6016

Patterned capsule


For those who want to keep a beloved pet's keepsake, this capsule key chain is ideal for beards and bones.
Matte-colored aluminum capsules with a refined finish that suppresses surface gloss
We will engrave four kinds of favorite designs that you can choose from paws, bones, wings, hearts.

You can choose the parts to install from a rich lineup such as standard key chains and cute deformation hooks.
We also recommend purchasing a set with an acrylic photo stand with a hook to decorate the remains capsule.

Product code6016-2
body sizeAluminum capsule with handle: Body…φ15×H46(mm) Including outer pot
Oval capsule with handle: Body…φ11×H25(mm)
Body colorAluminum capsule with pattern: Black/Silver/Gold/Pink/Blue
Patterned oval capsule: black/pink/blue
Insert nameYes (laser engraving or pad printing)
Quality standardsB-II
Others*This product is manufactured by the cutting method, so there may be minor scratches on the surface or inside.
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It is a capsule that can be used as a bone insert for keeping the beard, bones, nails, etc. of your beloved pet.


You can choose from standard key chains and cute deformable hooks to attach parts.


We will engrave four kinds of favorite designs that you can choose from paws, bones, wings, hearts.


When you want to put a name or make an original design

Engraved original pattern (white engraving color only)

Minimum lot: 100 pieces ~
Reference delivery time: 2 weeks for sample, 3 weeks for mass production


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