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Color ball chain
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Catalog No.: 4804

Color ball chain

A metallic color ball chain that is a standard part that can be used for key chains and mascots.
In addition to 7 colorful colors, lineup of black and silver!
It is made of brass that does not rust easily, and there are two types of chain thickness, 1.5 mm in diameter and 2.4 mm in diameter.

Product code4804
body sizeBC15/8 (ball diameter 1.5 mm x total length 80 mm)
BC24/10 (ball diameter 2.4 mm x total length 100 mm)
* The total length varies from one to two grains.   
MaterialBC15/8cm: made of brass
BC24/10cm: Iron
Body color9 colors
Black (BK)/Green (GR)/Yellow (YL)
Orange (OR), red (RD), pink (PK)
Blue (BL), purple (PP), silver (SV)
Insert name*Other conventional nickel, chrome, gold plating, etc.
Quality standardsB-2
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Quality supplement

-The total length will vary within the range of XNUMX to XNUMX balls even within the same lot.
 When cutting to the standard length in the manufacturing process, avoid the ball position and cut at the joint between the balls
 Is what happens because of.

・When opening the lot bag, the connector may occasionally come off and fall into the bag.
 You can use it without any problem by reattaching it.
 In addition, we ship spare parts in units of 1 lot (standard is 1000 pieces / bag), so spare parts are included.
 Can be substituted by.
 As a result of adjusting the hardness so that the connector cannot be attached or detached tightly, the connector can be removed during transportation.
 It is rarely generated when products are rubbed against each other due to the load and vibration of.

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