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Acrylic stand
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Catalog No.: 5920

Acrylic stand


An acrylic figure that can be freely shaped and sized.
We recommend making it smaller and using it as a gift for capsule toys, or the larger size that is popular nowadays with its outstanding presence.
Make an acrylic key chain that can be displayed independently by making a hole in the upper part and attaching a ball chain, or attach a clip on the back sideMulti standVarious horizontal deployments such as making it possible are also possible.

Product code5920
Materialア ク リ ル
Insert namePossible (from single color to full color)
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An acrylic figure that can be freely shaped and sized.


Make it small and use it as a gift for capsule toys, or it's popular now
We also recommend the "Big Acrylic Stand" and "Acrylic Stand Keychain".


It is also possible to design the acrylic margin and deliver it in a packaged state.

When you want to put a name or make an original design

Original shape

Minimum lot: 100 pieces ~
Reference delivery time: Sample 2 weeks Mass production about 20 days
Acrylic thickness 3mm, laser cut


Print range/template

Print range
↓ Please download the template from here
It is a recommended size template that supports design production and printing work.

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Introducing the company that made this product!

Mizushima Seaside Railway Co., Ltd.
Mizushima Seaside Railway Co., Ltd.

50th anniversary new initiatives
"Acrylic stand for capsule toys"

Osaka Evessa
Osaka Evessa

"Acrylic stand" for capsule toys that makes the most of the material photos

Osaka Monorail Service Co., Ltd.
Osaka Monorail Service Co., Ltd.

Meet the demand of fans with goods from "Toyokawa Madoka"

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