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Making goods talked about by material specialists
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Making goods talked about by material specialists

[Seminar Outline]
 Knowing the materials will expand your planning and development ideas!
 Learn the key points of goods production from the goods makers that handle each material
 It is a seminar. 

 ◆ Date: April 2021, 4 (Tuesday) 27: 14-00: 16 (Venue reception starts at 00:13)
 ◆ Location: Daio Seisakusho Headquarters 3F Seminar Room or Online Participation
 ◆ Capacity: First 10 people * When visiting the company 
 ◆ Organizer: Daio Seisakusho (charge: Hosoya)
     Tel: 03-3876-1345 Mail:
 ◆ Sponsor: Roland DG Co., Ltd.

 For infection control measures for the new coronavirus, see the attached catalog.
 Please refer to the second page.

 ◆ Acrylic products Sanko Co., Ltd.
           (Senior Managing Director Mr. Ono)
 ◆ Wooden products Frontier Japan Co., Ltd.
           (Sales Department Manager Mr. Murai)
 ◆ Metal / PU products Daio Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
           (Director Hosoya)
 ◆ Utilization of UV printer Roland DG Co., Ltd.
           (Mr. Mabuchi, Tokyo Sales Unit)

 We are waiting for those who will take the course at the venue with souvenirs.

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