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Catalog No .: OEM6105

Acrylic coaster ◆

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Acrylic coaster ◆
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Goods that show illustrations and photos on a wide print surface.
If you attach acrylic stand parts as an option, you can decorate it as a small shield (photo stand) as well as a coaster, and it is a recommended product for anime collaboration cafe goods.

The back side can also be made of transparent cushion rubber (with legs).In that case, it will not be seen through the surface.Even if you don't attach cushion rubber for your feet, it will function as a coaster.

We also support delivery with highly collectable modified / connected designs such as puzzle types and trading bag specifications where the inside cannot be seen.

Product codeOEM61015
body sizeRound: φ90 x acrylic thickness 3mm
Square type: W90 x H90 x acrylic thickness 3 mm
MaterialBody: Acrylic
Foot cushion rubber: Polyurethane
Body colorDeselect
Insert nameYes (full color UV printing)
Other Made in Japan (MADE IN JAPAN)
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