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Spray ballpoint pen ◆

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Spray ballpoint pen ◆
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A pen that can carry disinfectant solution Alcohol-compatible spray ballpoint pen

You can carry a small amount of alcohol disinfectant or liquid such as lotion or perfume.
A highly practical ballpoint pen (1.0 mm / black ink) with an integrated spray.

Put it in your chest pocket or bag and carry it with you at any time!
It can be carried like a normal ballpoint pen, and can be easily blown.

The ballpoint pen can be moved in and out by twisting the grip.

As a countermeasure against virus infection when going out, traveling, serving customers, and in the business scene
Great for small situations such as after exchanging business cards or handing over coins.

It is also recommended as a handout.
* The ink color of the ballpoint pen is black.
* The contents such as disinfectant and perfume are not included.

body sizeBody: Overall length 16.3 cm x Width 1.4 cm (excluding clip part) Capacity: 4 ml Pen core: 1.0 mm
MaterialPP (polypropylene), ABS resin
Body colorBlack / red / blue
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A pen that can carry disinfectant solution Alcohol-compatible spray ballpoint pen
The main body is available in XNUMX colors
You can put one color name on the main body.
It is a product that will be appreciated as a souvenir.

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