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Round Naskan (30x45)

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Round Naskan (30x45)
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A stylish Naskan with a carabiner-style round form.
Nickel-free, so recommended for those who are worried about metal allergies!

Product code6110-P5
body size29.5x44mm (ring wire diameter 3.5mm)
MaterialZinc alloy
Body colortin plating
Quality standardsB-2Click here for quality standards
ROHS standardAcknowledged
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* What is nickel-free plating?
Nickel-free plating is plating that does not contain "nickel".
The color tone is a silver-based color such as nickel plating, and it becomes a bright color tone slightly close to platinum-based.
There are individual differences in the onset of metal allergies, but when metals such as nickel come into contact with the skin for a long time, they are ionized by sweat and body fluids, causing an allergic reaction (inflammation, etc.) due to an immune reaction.
Since this product does not come into contact with the skin for a long time, it has a low risk of metal allergies, but by switching to nickel-free plating, it can be used more safely and with peace of mind.

Please note that the onset of metal allergies varies from person to person, and the range of metals that react with them also differs, so we do not guarantee the safety of all people.

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