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Stainless capsule

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Stainless capsule
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Stainless steel capsule that is resistant to metal allergies and rust.

The texture and weight of the stainless steel fabric without surface treatment gives it a luxurious feel.
Please use it for accessory cases, lost child wallets, pill cases, etc.

[Capsule content]
SS size 0.5ml
S size 2.5ml

* The content that can be injected during actual use.
The standard is the maximum capacity that does not spill when putting a powder or liquid into the body and covering the lid.
(The actual space volume inside the capsule is larger.)

* Since this product is manufactured by the cutting method,
There may be fine irregularities on the surface or inside.Please note that.
In addition, there are fine lines on the surface of the capsule.

* Silver with a dull color compared to aluminum capsules.

Stainless Capsule Capsule Pet Ashes Memorial Pill Case Lost Child Tag Stainless

body size[SS size]
Width φ10 mm x total length 28 mm
Inner diameter: Lid side φ6mm / body side φ8mm
[S size]
Width φ15 mm x total length 46 mm
Inner diameter: Lid side φ10mm / body side φ12mm
MaterialStainless steel [SUS303]
Body colorsilver
Insert namePossible
Quality standardsB-2Click here for quality standards
Other *This product is manufactured by the cutting method, so there may be minor scratches on the surface or inside.
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