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  • Picture frame BIG

    It is a printing product that can be manufactured in small lots compatible with UV printing, which is one size larger than the mini frame.

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  • Mintia case

    Case for Mintia. A simple design that is easy to print and decorate. Why don't you dress up in a cute case?

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  • Pill case & mobile ashtray

    A series of pill cases suitable for self-deco and personalization. It can also be used as an accessory such as earrings or as an eyelash case.

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  • Glass bottle

    Mini size glass container suitable for charms such as key chains and straps. You can make a charm of your memories by packing star sand and plants!

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  • Card case (business card holder)

    A card case that can store business cards in two layers. Made of high-grade stainless steel, it is convenient to put decorations or name sticker on the drop surface (concave surface).

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  • ABS multi case

    Light and durable, simple case with original print

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6 ofThere are products.

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