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  • Perfume capsule (fragrance charm)

    A perfume capsule (fragrance charm) that allows you to easily carry the scent.

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  • Brass capsule

    It is a high-quality capsule that makes full use of the texture of the unplated brass material.

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  • Spherical aluminum capsule

    A round and pretty aluminum container that stores pet's lost cards and keepsake.

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  • Patterned capsule

    For those who want to keep a beloved pet's keepsake, this capsule key chain is ideal for beards and bones.

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  • Memory capsule

    A fashionable container for small items that docks the function of a photo frame into a mini capsule for storing and carrying small items such as piercings and tablets.

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  • Bottle type capsule

    Recommended for those who want to leave a keepsake of their beloved pet. Capsules with a sleek, long and elegant appearance.

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  • Stainless capsule

    Stainless steel capsule that is resistant to metal allergies and rust.The material that can be used with peace of mind for a long time, the texture of stainless steel fabric, and the weight are all combined to give a luxurious feel.

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  • Glass bottle

    Mini size glass container suitable for charms such as key chains and straps. You can make a charm of your memories by packing star sand and plants!

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  • Glass dome

    Parts for the glass dome, which is rapidly increasing in popularity. Create a wonderful small world with the new-type accessory "Glass Dome" that can be viewed in three dimensions.

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  • Aluminum capsule

    Lightweight and high strength aluminum capsule. As a memo pad and pill case for parents of young children.

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  • Atomizer MINI

    A cute mobile phone for your favorite perfume, an ultra-mini size atomizer (1 ml type)

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11 ofThere are products.

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