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  • Brass plate

    Brass plate that can be engraved in monotone. Engrave your pet's name and contact information on lost cards, etc.

  • One point logo holder

    One-point logo holder that creates a gorgeous logo or emblem

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  • Ribbon bag charm

    A ribbon bag charm that can appeal to your favorite with a casual logo print on one point of the bag.

  • Rewarm warmer (recycle warmer)

    Can be used over and over again! Ecology & Economy Rewarm Cairo

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    The latest type METAZA "MPX series" small metal printer made by Roland DG. The pedestal can be removed, making it possible to mark even tall objects.

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  • Mini picture frame (photo collection)

    A fashionable authentic miniature picture frame that completes the interior by printing and assembling your favorite photos and illustrations!

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  • Mini picture frame photo sticker kit

    You can output a commemorative photo taken on the spot and shape your experience and memories at that time as a small photo frame. You can also use the photos on your smartphone to make your favorite images into merchandise.

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  • Mini sticky note book

    A compact leather-like case that can be carried while preventing sticky notes from breaking or peeling off.

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  • Mini canvas

    Introducing a cute mini size on a plain canvas that can also be used for UV printing.

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  • Multi marker (live marker, drink marker, umbrella marker)

    Cute markings for your favorite things! Convenient landmark goods that you can easily see your umbrella and your drink.

  • Multi frame

    Just transform the printed acrylic plate into a stylish frame! We will make an original picture frame up to the inclusion and name on the frame.

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  • Magnet badge

    A pin badge part that stops with a magnet that does not make holes in important suits and uniforms

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32 ofThere are products.
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